23rd October 2011

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Kalalakas sa Kabataan Tribu ta Sagay Queen Festival 2011. Ag sadya hay ki raw! Ato kini!

Kalalakas sa Kabataan Tribu ta Sagay Queen Festival 2011. Ag sadya hay ki raw! Ato kini!

29th September 2011


DC 89: My stand, My points, My STANDPOINTS

DC 89 Basic Photography has a major I mean major learning’s to be learned. From the word photography alone, the perceptions has been stored that are amazing, full of fun and learnings to be tackled. However, proving what has been expected must be experienced. Frankly speaking, photography subject is one of my awaited subjects in Development Communication. My teacher came fresh in Barcelona, and he was visited once in our DC subject. It is amazing knowing that he is our teacher but not the whole semester. He will leave us in September 16. And the day had passed. Everything came back to normal. My notion as same as others has been corrected.

Because of Photography I learned that taking photographs is difficult. I who make photograph not the camera. That should I think before holding my camera and then click.

Because of Photography I learned that Passion is the key to be a successful photographer someday. But up to now, my fire still burns.

Because of Photography I learned that holding a camera for the purpose of exposing to become the center of attraction to the crowd is not an attitude of a photography student. Due to our personality we keep ourselves inflating the balloon.

Because of Photography I learned that the brand of camera doesn’t matter. Nikon or canon are cameras, labels are just the difference.

Because of Photography I learned that Patience really a virtue. Taking photographs is not easy. Failures are always present. They are present in our sides, in our surroundings waiting the exact time to attack us.

Because of Photography johnjerald30@photography.com is out of my vocabulary.

I should have learned the ingredients I mean the exact mixture to get a good photograph e.g., sharpness, brightness, hue, saturation, etc…Though, I think that I will be the one to discover through regular repetition of exercises to achieve and met my demand.

Since I completely draw to a close of DC 89, as far as my passion is concerned my journey of taking photographs will endure. I came to the point asking myself if my camera is just intended to for the subject alone? Well, my decision is this, I have my life, and desires and no one will hinder me to reach the stars above. It will be my will to continue. No one will dictate me because I hold, I live, I care my precious life. If this will be broken, though it can but the crack cannot be eradicated. So what I do after the DC89 class is to continue my learnings though not formally; to scrutinize deeply photography, to appreciate more on it and to grasp wholeheartedly the essence of taking photographs. 

It is my privilege to be one of the students of Evans Rosauro Yonson. Kudos sir Evans! Wish my luck…. 

*above photo is me and our teacher Mr. Evans Rosauro Yonson*

*photo credits to Chum Magdadaro*

16th September 2011


GREEN for Better LIFE


Our teacher posted in Facebook DC89 A group page:

"For Your Information: We will meet first in DC Lab tomorrow, 855AM. In short, we will have a class. Instructions will be given in class."

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I expected that there will be class in DC89 as I read what our teacher posted in FB. The day marks the last exercise throughout the semester. Whether there is no class, I prefer to have class because this will be one of the memorable days during the semester. I looked forward that the last exercise will be full of fun and enjoy. 

"Come in comfortable and light clothes tomorrow. We are going to have a photomarathon. Bring your cameras!!!!"

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Our teacher posted again. Wow! photo-marathon? My expectations have been level up because of this. In my 18 years living in earth, if I am not mistaken this will be my first photo-marathon I ever had.

“For those who are still online at 0017H, 13 Sep.
Here’s the first instruction for the photomarathon.
At 0830H, shoot the first person that you will encounter wearing a green shirt in XU. You have until 0900H to submit your BEST SHOT in class.
NEXT INSTRUCTION will be given in class. There will be two more shots required every hour before 1200H. Please forward to classmates who are not online now.”

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Another post of our teacher. HUH! This time, the photo marathon has been started. Oh Green, Green, Grass of Home.  When I arrived in school I go straight to shoot the first person who I saw first. I saw a boy who is watching the softball game in the soccer field. CLICK! then I am done with my first activity. I go straight again to Aggies building fifth floor to pass my best shot for the first activity. I looked panting like a horse when I arrived in the fifth floor.

Second activity. "ALL WEARING GREEN WILL BE FRIENDS TILL THE END."  After giving some instructions, we go down again then shoot. Our subjects as I noticed that is all about green. I go back to soccer field and caught that our College Team (AGGIES) has just been started playing softball in girls category. Fitted with the theme, I took many shots and just pick 1 best photo. It was hot but the hotness didn’t took effect because the I was one who cheered in our team. GO AGGIES! After which, I go back to fifth floor of Aggies Building to pass my best photo for the second activity but now, I am using elevator. I realized that I need to reserve my beauty and energy for the next activity.

Third activity. “IN THE COVERED COURT…..” the statement was too long that I can’t remember the whole statement. OH …how poor JJ. With my 3 classmates, we go to the Gymnasium though the instruction is in the covered court. Fortunately, our College Team for Cheerleadance Competition was blocking their performance together with other Colleges. Again, I cheered. I consult to one of my classmates who have a little sprain while practicing their routine if she’s now okay. Thanks God, she’s fine and energize during their practice. I took shots with their level 5 difficulty stunts and pyramids. Wow! it was great!

Fourth activity. This time, I forgot the rhyming words wrote by our teacher (Loser Me!) But what I understand is that we will be taking photos during the Cheer dance Competition - one of the highlights during Intramurals. During the program, especially the competition started. Surprisingly Amazing! But our College Team has the great and perfect routines. I believe that their performance will rank them the champion. Unfortunately, after hearing the results, it was so disappointing. Our college never rank at least in the top 3. That’s the joke I received during the day. Everyone is cheering our team to be the champion even the chosen champion felt nervous to that. I really felt angry. It’s time for a revolution (I told myself).   Let’s have a petition. These things come out to my mouth because I go with the flow of my angriness.

My expectations have been met. I had fun but at the same time, felt sad firstly because this will be the last activity with our teacher. Secondly, the result during the competition. Today, I am suffering muscle ache. I am supper feeling that I was a member of the College Team of Cheerdance, how I wish. I am looking forward to the next year Competition because I will be joining. I was inspired with the group. I hope that in my 4th year at least I may feel the feelings to be a cheerleader. I am not day dreaming but hopefully I join. 

To my father: Can I join Cheerdance next year?

What do you think the response of my father?…….Hopefully yes! YES NALANG! 

14th September 2011


Swimming needs a full tank oxygen before refreshing the mind, and the body. Swimming 50 meters is a long way to take but this swimmer from the College of Agriculture of Xavier University has the keen power and energy to go beyond the limit through tender dedication to his sport.


Swimming needs a full tank oxygen before refreshing the mind, and the body. Swimming 50 meters is a long way to take but this swimmer from the College of Agriculture of Xavier University has the keen power and energy to go beyond the limit through tender dedication to his sport.


14th September 2011

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HAWAK-KAMAY hindi kita iiwan sa paglalakbay,
Anu man ang resulta’y ati’y i-akbay,
Alam natin tayo’y ginawa ng pantay-pantay,
Pero sa huli atin parin ang huling tagumpay.

HAWAK-KAMAY hindi kita iiwan sa paglalakbay,

Anu man ang resulta’y ati’y i-akbay,

Alam natin tayo’y ginawa ng pantay-pantay,

Pero sa huli atin parin ang huling tagumpay.

11th September 2011



The horror-stricken exercise I ever met in Photography goes to EXERCISE 9: COGON MARKET. I’m too early bird on the meeting place (GAISANO Supermarket). “I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm”, says Franklin D. Roosevelt. I hope this will be so. Hearing from our teacher to have our next exercise in Cogon, the scare was emerged afterwards. Without any hesitations, I may confidently say that Cogon is not safe for Photography because as far as I concerned, after some time there were high rate of modus recorded in Cogon. This was the problem I met during the exercise. I was too conscious to myself and of course to those people in cogon passes by.

At first, I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be hold-up for the second time. I will ensure that my first experience of hold-upping will also be the last AMEN! I am with our teacher. We roamed around first to observe. Observation is important factor before shooting. I thought we will shoot outside the market then I was slightly SHOCK that we will also shoot inside the market. Well, I don’t know where will be the safer place to shoot if outside or inside. But overall, my whether it’s outside or inside, by the name Cogon, I still observe closely. Anyway, our picture should answer correlate to the question of what makes Cogon Market ugly/dirty? At first, I never saw anything that makes the Cogon dirty. I want this activity will end immediately. I showed that I am not ladylike because if I show this then I will be the center of attraction to hold-upers, snatchers and whatsoever! This is maybe the nervousness that I felt. I was go it with the flow on what I feel. The best experience I had there was I saw mice in an egg tray, of course, there were eggs but mostly is already cracked. The storekeeper wants to put it on the trash but I insist because this will be a good opportunity to answer the question that our teacher gave on us.

When we say market, it is expectedly that the atmosphere is noisy and everybody is busy. When it comes to the smell, well, I may say that I can really smell something fishy. This is not my first time to come in a market place in fact all the fragrances that I smell in Cogon market is the same of what I smell in our market in Camiguin. That is I why I don’t have any violent reactions and complains as I roamed around. All of us need to be prepared as always because we don’t know that our expectations will meet or not. Like what happened in my activity that I didn’t expect to shoot inside the market. The only problem that I am bearing is the hold-up thing. I am so thankful that I don’t have any problem to the smells that the market offers to us.

I, you, we, should be prepared always to live our life to the fullest! If not, then that’s another story……….

3rd September 2011


YOU close eyes, smile and I CLICK…

Camera – Checked!

Tripod – Checked!

Black Cloth - Checked!

¼ card board – Checked!

Chalk – Checked!

Eraser – Checked!

And here we are, the group one is now ready to take part in the battle field. This exercise measures my capacity on how dense I learned in my DC subjects especially DC 5 (Introduction to Interpersonal Communication). I felt how the exercise is fun because everyone is busy despite of our problems in DC7 (Special Seminar) that will be on the next day. Everyone is waiting for the students to come with us. We were like in a market place having loud voices and very noisy One commonly statement that I heard from our classmate when approaching someone is “Hi! I would like to disturb you in one 1 minute, Ahm are you busy?” The succeeding statement will depend on the answer of our respondents. Well, this exercise, I believe that if you are too much famed in the school literally wherein you have circle of friends in the campus, then the number of respondents that requires in the exercise is not a major problem. Some of my classmates has many friends in the campus but this was not enough because we come to the point that we still needs respondents to comply the required photos in the activity.

I would like to stress out our assigned question: What do you think of the Emano administration? Wheeew! That’s a confidential and is controversial issue. Among the four questions available, I consider this as the hardest to answer yet I believe is a developmental issue. Pardon but taking to some consideration that I am not a Kagay-anon and anyhow I had read and heard things regarding to this issue. To be straight, the administration was quite conflicting and is chaotic. The reason was firstly, he was a change smoker. Smoking is one of the hardest problems that the society is facing. He himself as the leader in the society cannot control to smoke even in his office. This shows that he is not sincere giving service for Kagay-anons. Though in monetary system has a good background but looking the other side is very important factor to understand one’s duty. As what Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Another was long chain of labelling people living in the city like if you were a people of his opponent then sorry; however if you were his  people then no problem on it. I am very particular to this because the issue is still living. I hate hearing this because the election was done long and can afford to dare the categorizing people according to who is his people and is not. How sad.

What is the youth’s major problem nowadays? Social climber is one of the major problems. Due to the high demand that the society has been offered to us, we tend to find ways through this. This is so bad. We could afford doing these things for self-satisfaction. I find it unfair because as I have known that you want to be friend with him/her because you saw things that you want to him/her and worse is for popularity matter. That was a loser manner. It was synonymous to using others as a means and as the end to get one motive or intention.

Who is your role model? Actually, one of the most interesting people I ever met is our teacher in high school Mr. Rey Balamad. I became interested on him because he is gay, smart, wise, fair, singer, dancer, resourceful, supporter, responsible and most of all a risk taking person. In some way he is sometimes my mentor in competition. He is my Mathematics teacher. When I was in high school, he looks like a student because he mingles with us outside the school youth.  Every time there is a fiesta and picnic, he always invites me and my classmates like last summer. Every time when he was in the group everyone is laughing and enjoy.

What will you be doing 10 years from now? Two years from now, I will graduate. Ten years from now, I will be a good news reporter or writer, hopefully. I have many things to do, who knows, I will be the next mayor in my municipality; I will be a congressman, a governor. Everything is possible because I do believe so in my capacity to do my duty perfectly.

I realized that we have our own views and opinions in life. I was like a creature with a thick face and later have the thickest face of the rest. Some were nosebleed and some are extrovert to express things out. Some were so shy. Some has a sense of patriotism. I prove to myself that I can speak out. I met beautiful and HANDSOME students. I was inspired! Respecting other opinions is the key to this activity because of the diverse opinions and differences. So many differences but there is a common denominator that people ought to have - Respect which lead us to an organize and productive way of living. Though, this respect would be a great help for us to create, guide us like the rays of the sun as it strikes down to earth and shape our real identity in this world. And sooner or later this opinion that we respected will be used in our everyday living experiences for a common good for self and others.



29th August 2011


City of Golden Friendship’s Kagay-an Festival 2011


I welcome myself to Kagay-an Festival 2011(applause). This will be my first time to participate this big celebration of the Kagay-anons because I usually went home in Camiguin during these days. Frankly speaking, I barely thought that this big event of Kagay-an festival is little boring. What makes it worth is those charm effects of the artists from ABS-CBN and GMA. Anyway, it is the day also for the brilliant thieves in the city to celebrate their own festival because people tend to show their hidden treasures like cameras, new bought cellphones, the time wherein withdrawing money is famed. Like me, it was never been deleted in my mind that view because I had an experience of hold-up during this days way back in my first year college. I looked so paranoid but for the sake of my camera have mercy and pray for me. I don’t want to be alone in the streets taking pictures. My mind is like time machine predicting the phrases of “What if…..” then bang! Congrats hold up again? Oh no! Tralalalalalalala…….

The day was blessed with good weather. It was quite so hot and probably is about 35 degrees Centegrade recorded by the PAGASA as I heard the news. Seeing those colorful costumes from different contingents during the street dancing competition makes my day complete. I was able to appreciate the competition itself. From the Street Dancing competition alone, I was motivated to really cover the events. I heard the loud and the noise of drums, lyres, and trumpets that would mean of the festivity and how the people celebrate the festivity of St. Augustine. How busy my life today covering events of Kagay-an Festival 2011 is like how I miss my life during my high school days from the Street Dancing to drum and bugle corps to my volunteer of the Kapuso Night that is somehow same as the event of Lanzones Festival in our province. I remembered that this is my life yesterday and thinking to do it again as an experience but the word HOW is the big question. It’s a big NO NO actually in my stage right now. I felt sad though. But this is life, it is giving chances to others to feel free the experience.

My school and my course were my driving force in engaging the event.  I prove to myself that I am worth to cover this prestige event because I am a student of Xavier University taking up Development Communication major in Development Journalism nothing more nothing less. August 26 – 28, 2011 – from the Street Dancing Competition down to Float Parade to Kapuso Night proves that my notion is a big OFF BEAM! The bottom line is it’s not the event that breaks my notion but my course itself specifically my subject DC 89 who gave me opportunity to scrutinize my perception about this matter. From these experiences I had, I now love to cover festivals and I am planning to cover Lanzones Festival in our province this coming 3rd week of October.

KUDOS to me!

KUDOS to DC 89!

KUDOS to Kagay-an Festival!

21st August 2011


Immersion in Medina

Four of us are in the family. I am the only one who didn’t go to Medina ever. How pathetic kid I am. It is just near to my island (Camiguin Island), how come I wasn’t able to go there.

In my 18th years of existence, at last, yes! I will go there!

Three hours of travelling using bus going to Medina is kind of boring. I felt my ass becomes flattens. When arrived, I didn’t control my hunger that I ate my lunch silently.

Bringing what Sir Evans told us that Medina is 1, 2, 3, steps to other area. I observe and yes it is true but not literally.

Well, our purpose there is having an immersion. I remembered in our immersion in first year wherein I was not able to go in Songco, Bukidnon because I was send to hospital due to dengue. Given the chance to immerse again, I grab this opportunity.

In 3 days and 2 nights staying there has a great experience I had in my life. I was able to appreciate the lives or the way of living of the people in Medina. It is the same with us in Camiguin in terms of area, the livelihood and so on.

Because of the immersion, I was able to exercise and practice my carrier path.

Because of the immersion, I was able to reminisce my childhood experience while I was looking children playing in sand, swimming in the sea.

Because of the immersion, I was able to talk confidently to the people and ask them accordingly.

Because of the immersion, I was able to swim again to the sea (Duka Bay) for the past 5 years.

Because of the immersion, I was able to observe the real selves of my classmates.

Because of immersion, there were friendships formed.

Because of immersion, there were shocking revelation that I haven’t knew on them.

Because of immersion, i was able to face again one of my fears – the corals, while boating in Duka Bay.

Because of Immersion, I was able to go inside the White House.

I practice and used the knowledge the learning I attained in my 3 years of studying in Xavier University enrolled in DevCom. I enjoyed much talking and interviewing people rather taking pictures because people welcomed us as warm as the rays of the sun strikes in the land. They are very accommodating that really touches my heart. They are so lovely. I believe that if these attitudes will continue, no doubt I may be back there with many developments that has to offers for the visitors.

                Every second, moments by moments are being counted. This is just a memorable experience in class. I don’t have any regrets paying 1 thousand for the immersion. I believe that the experiences we had are not payable by money. Good job for the class. Good job to me!

12th August 2011

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Photographic Composition

It’s another important topic to tackle with – the Composition Photography. Line, Balance, shape, linear perspective, rule of thirds, framing, patern, were some of the topics to learn.

My shoot was quite confusing. Anyway, I shoot inside the school. Haler? Afraid if ever hold-up! For God sake please don’t!

The one that I find easier were shape, of course. Anything that I found a shape is what I shot. Another is balance; anything that has the same feature or has opposite features is what I shot.

Back to the word confusing, it is because I don’t know what pattern and form is. I find it hard to find because in the first place, they are connected in each other. We were three when I shoot. They have different interpretation of both. With so desperate to make this activity finish, I asked fourth years DevCom of what my concern. But still, my mind is logging like youtube.com that needs to buff before the video will start.

My confusion becomes my dilemma for the day. I feel strange for I already encountered these words since in elementary and how come that this simple word makes my problem? That too ridiculous.

There was a point that I remembered our very last topic in my DC4 (Fundamentals of Educational Communication) and that is all about Gestalt psychology. Part of that is Pattern and Form. Everything that there are repetition of quality is pattern and everything that there are line or shape that form irregular figure is form.

By the end of the day, I was able to laugh because this day is different. I laugh. He/she laugh. We laugh most of time because of the diverse perceptions. Laughter is the best medicine until we come up with one idea. I believe also that somehow, to shoot in a group has its advantages because there are interactions happening in the middle of the shoot. Moreover, it will guide us if someone has wrong perceptions about the matter and able to correct and if not he/she will enlighten the minds of the co-members. And if  this will happen everytime, I will create firm foundation of friendships.